French Montana: The Industry Is Pushing Kendrick Lamar To Shift Music Away From Street Rap (VIDEO/POLL)

(AllHipHop News) Kendrick Lamar is definitely having his moment right now. The Compton emcee just won five Grammy awards and his To Pimp A Butterfly album has been heralded as the musical voice of the Black Lives Matter movement. One New York city rapper seems to believe the overwhelming acknowledgement for Kendrick’s style of Hip Hop is playing a role in preventing the rise of street rap to the mainstream.

While Kendrick does address gang activity and the struggles of urban America in his music, he also incorporates production and lyrical content that differ from a lot of modern-day street-centered rap. French Montana stopped by The Breakfast Club this week, and the Coke Boys leader was asked for his thoughts on why Kendrick’s albums sell more than projects featuring street music.

“Because they position [Kendrick], like how they did at the Grammys, as the new music. It’s not that it’s not the right thing to do, but you see like the whole thing was Kendrick night,” responded French. “That [To Pimp A Butterfly] album don’t sound like nothing that’s out – the whole Hip Hop.”

He added, “I feel like they just position you as the new face of Hip Hop… They put him on that platform so they can shift music towards that direction.”

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