King Louie Gives OVO Tats Credit For Saving Him

(AllHipHop News) Rapper King Louis is giving Drake a lot of credit after he was shot 7 times right before the Christmas holiday. He’s got a good rationale for the notion too.

A year before, in December 2014, the Chicago rapper got a pair of OVO-tats on his fave. He got the label’s owl and Drake’s 6-God Prayer Hands, under each ear. He has never had any business dealings with Drake that have been publicly known.

On December 23, Louie was shot 7 times in Chi-town, including a shot that grazed his head. On of those bullets struck millimeters from his owl tat.

“The owl saved my life, though. If it had hit me where the owl was, I would’ve died probably. I told Drake that on the ‘gram. Bro, the owl saved my life,” he said on Revolt TV.

He said he also watched a lot of TV in the hospital where there were several owls.

“It was hella owls just poppin’ up…every show for an hour — like we’d turn the channel, we kept seeing owls,” explained Louie. “What the fuck is this, a sign? Me and her Googled, like, ‘what’s the significance of owls?’, and it was just like a bunch of stuff. Like damn, the owl saved my life, man. Like foreal, foreal. No bullsh*t.”