Listen to an Unreleased Jay Z Freestyle From 1999

In honor of Throwback Thursday, Tim Westwood digs in the crates and liberates an unreleased freestyle from Jay Z. The four-minute track was recorded circa Vol. 3…Life and Times of S. Carter in 1999, nine years before he married Beyoncé and launched his Roc Nation empire.

Listen to an Unreleased Jay Z Freestyle From 1999

A young Hov spits lyrics from “Come and Get Me,” “NYMP,” and “Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up)” over a variety of old school beats. He calls himself the “Jordan of rap” and declares himself “cold as fuck before ice, not before Christ.”

He even does some reflecting. “Have I truly arrived or am I somewhere between?” asks Jay. “I’m just coming to term with the night they killed Biggie and I sold 5 million records—damn, I’m pretty.”

And he silences his critics, who are few and far between these days. “No one has to wonder, has he lost his hunger? But ni**as rest assured I’m even rawer than before.”

Hear Jiggaman before he became a husband, father, and Forbes Cash King.