Security Guards Attack Rapper And Fans At A New York City Concert

(AllHipHop News) Earlier today, a video went viral showcasing a rapper getting attacked by security. According to Complex, the rapper performing, Skate Maloley, had to stop his set after security started attacking fans in the front row. Things had gotten worse moments later, with Maloley getting jumped on stage soon after. The rapper also claims that he was held down to the ground and soon kicked by the guards. A fan managed to get some footage of the chaos while it happened.

Following the concert, Skate Maloley wrote a post on Twitter regarding the attacks.

My whole team got assaulted buy them and that's it. I'm just most sad and upset that yall had to expierence that. And also miss the show

— Skate (@skatemaloley) February 21, 2016

Looks like the security guards had definitely became the violent buzzkill for everyone’s night at the rapper’s concert in New York City.