The Drive To Succeed In The Music Industry

We often hear about the artist dream of hitting it big, but it is often unclear what drives them forward, what pushes them to overcome obstacles, and deal with all the challenges of the music industry. Every artist has their story, and typically the stories of those artists who by chance happened to make it big is often told and spread. Luck and fate are often accredited for success, while stories of struggles are overshadowed. In reality, when carefully observed, artists more often than not, are driven by challenges and obstacles overcome. It’s the determination and strength developed through experience that pushes them to reach the limits and beyond. Michael Christopher Kelly, a Brooklyn born perfectly illustrates this drive. While growing up he witnessed the struggles of his parents to create a worthy future for him. With this in mind, Michael is pushing forward with his own music career. What’s more is that his hit single, “Blow It,” is dedicated to his parent’s hassle to create a future from the little that they had. Michael perfectly captured this in the metaphor of “getting the whole cake” in his song. Check out the song for yourself, take note of the lyrics and stay tuned for more from this hot artist.