Watch A Video Featuring Kanye West Rapping At Age 12

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday, a YouTube profile under the name Manolli James posted a very rare video of Kanye West. The video featured the rap star, at the young age of 12, rapping in front of a camera. According to the video’s description, the video was originally recorded by Donda West, Kanye’s mother, and includes a set of lyrics that Ye spits:

Wassup in the back?
And it’s time to select
But my (name’s) Kanye
And I’ll start my rhymes with the finish
I’ll diminish other MC’s on the Top 10, I bump them
Hey yo my man he know (hot beats?) Kanye
I’m def’ and Im fresh and I’m on the rec
Nothin’ less could come from West!

The recording looks like the exact same clip that was used in the video for Kanye’s first hit single “Through The Wire.”