Watch "La La La," pop pleasure that invites you to unplug


New visuals from Toronto club kid Neela elevates club music to fully-automated pop perfection with “La La La,” the story of a young bot trying to find herself amidst a Brave New World.


The video stems from her upcoming EP Lovers in Danger, a project born of a collaboration between the artist and established producer Beatchild. Currently, Neela bounces between New York and Toronto, where the artist got her start in the theater scene. This dramatic background serves “La La La” with powerful thematic images and lyrics that resonate deeply with the manufactured perfection of the Instagram/Facetune era. The video finds our robot unplugging from the matrix and escaping into the real world, filmed in Toronto’s downtown and gorgeous beachscapes. Buoyant pop lyrics sparkle against these images, until they unsettle, as Neela echoes, “No judgements, just beautiful complexions.”


As we make ethical space in our imaginations for artificial intelligence, made real by Saudi Arabia’s first robot citizen Sophia, the striking visuals of “La La La” turn the mirror away from machines, and back onto the unrealistic cultural expectations we hold for ourselves. When given the choice to pretend, Neela would rather have the real thing.


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