A$AP Ferg Campaigns For A$AP Rocky’s Release From Swedish Prison

Ame MaccormickAme Maccormick

Stockholm, Sweden – Following reports that A$AP Rocky will be in solitary confinement in Stockholm, Sweden for possibly two weeks and facing up to 6 years in prison if convicted of aggravated assault, fellow A$AP mob-member A$AP Ferg has gone on to Instagram to throw his support behind his colleague. In his caption, Ferg details the injustices of the incident and then defends his friend by stating: “He was no way in form the aggressor in this ordeal. Pray for justice #freeflacko.”

The “Plain Jane” rapper says that Rocky is being held with “no visit or phone call privileges.” 

On Tuesday (July 2nd), Rocky (born Rakim Mayers) was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault after he went to the police to get questioned over a violent incident. The alleged assault happened on Sunday (June 30th) when he got into a heated dispute with a group of men who were upset over a pair of broken headphones.

Two days later, Rocky posted a video on Instagram of the moments leading up to the incident and stated in the accompanying caption that the men  “followed” him for “4 blocks” and were “slapping girls butts who passed.”

He also posted a nearly three-minute video showing that the man broke his headphones after using them to hit Rocky’s security guard.

According to TMZ, the “Pretty Flacko” artist’s arrest has become a “humans rights issue” because Swedish authorities are preventing American embassy reps from meeting with Rocky and his lawyers. TMZ also published a video of Rocky and his entourage engaged in a street fight with the man.

In addition to becoming an international incident, the arrest has caused some professional harm for the star. BBC reports that Rocky has missed a scheduled festival in Poland on Thursday and a gig in Ireland on Friday, and won’t be able to perform at London’s Wireless Festival on Sunday. 

So far, there have been thousands of posts under the #FreeRocky and #FreeFlacko hashtags on Instagram.

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