Nicki Minaj Delays "Queen" Album Release Date

Galina ThamesGalina Thames

Nicki Minaj has opted to postpone her album release.

The new date will be August 10 — almost two months later than the first-announced release date June 15.

Minaj went live on Instagram to make the announcement, and added she’d be providing some “surprises” in June, including the album cover. She also promised a documentary before the album drops and a tour that will kick f in September.

Even the delay announcement itself was postponed, which had eager fans far from pleased.

“You guys, after careful consideration, I’ve decided to do my announcement tmrw when most my fans all around the world are wide awake. A lot them are asleep right now due to it being like 3 or 4 in the morning in their various countries. Let’s do 3pm EST tomorrow,” Minaj tweeted on Wednesday (May 23).

Minaj was immediately met with a myriad memes from fans upset with the 24-hour delay. The rapper appeared to take the reactions in stride, retweeting a few them and fering a bit sarcasm in her response to one fan.

“Ok well why don’t I just scrap it altogether? No announcement. And another hiatus. XO,” Minaj tweeted in response to one fan’s claim that half her timeline would be “busy” tomorrow.

Minaj’s decision to postpone her album comes after she canceled her Tuesday (May 22) appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She went on to credit “Doctor’s Orders” as the reason behind the cancellation.

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