Adam 22 Blasts Russ For Sending Goons After Him: " Wtf Is Wrong With You"

Call me SariiCall me Sarii

Russ keeps making it hard for his naysayers to like him. Although some people might not be on the “F*ck Russ” train, recent revelations about the rapper might cause them to hop right onto the hate-filled bandwaggon.

Adam 22, a podcast host and media figure in music, called out Russ on Twitter. According to him, the Zoo artist sent a crew over to jump him. 

The flimsy beat down is said to have been prompted by a tweet. Adam 22 had posted a poll asking his following if they would rather have their children mess with Russ or Xanax. Unsurprisingly, people voted in favor of Xanax.

Russ seemed unbothered in his response.

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