Cardi B Needs Help Understanding What's Going On In "Bird Box"

Netflix's Bird Box starrring Sandra Bullock had a sizzling run on social media, sparking numerous memes and ridiculous challenges. Although it could appear to be outdated information now, Cardi B has simply gotten round to watching it since her schedule has seemingly calmed down a bit. The "Money" rapper wasn't having the simplest time getting the entire plot and took to social media to ask followers simply what the hell was occurring. 

“Where are they swimming to?” she requested within the video beneath, including: “Why she within the river?” Even if you have not seen the film you recognize blindfold is used to cease the characters from seeing one thing, which begs Cardi to ask: “What are they seeing bro? What’s making them wish to kill themselves I don’t fucking get it. Shit is getting me mad.”

Cardi lastly comes up with a reasonably spot on concept: "Are they fucking seeing their payments? I feel motherfuckers is seeing their payments and that’s why they wanna fucking kill themself.” 

If you've got seen the film, you recognize what the victims are attempting to cover from and if you have not seen the movie then put Cardi's concept in your again pocket earlier than watching the movie.