DJ Kay Slay: When The South Started Popping, New York Rappers Forgot To Hold Ground (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The debate about New York rapper’s current place in the culture has been ongoing for years. DJ Kay Slay has been involved in NYC Hip Hop for decades. The creator of the Shadow of the Sun project spoke with HipHopIsReal about the state of his hometown’s rap scene.

“When the South kicked in the door, started getting their props, and started popping, a lot of New York n*ggas forgot all they got to do is hold ground,” said Kay Slay. “They got their sound, we got our sound. These n*ggas started doing what they were doing.”

He added, “A lot of the older artists that had the power to sign n*ggas from New York – they didn’t. They would run and do a record with T.I. when he was brand new, or they would jump on a Juvenile record. But you let Uncle Murda, King Bo, or Fred The Godson put a hot record out, an A-list n*gga won’t jump on their record and help take them to the next level.”

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Watch Kay Slay’s interview below.