Elton John Pays Tribute To Mac Miller With A Fitting Dedication

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Since Mac Miller’s death a few days ago, there has been a flood of tributes and dedications from all corners of hip-hop and beyond. Last night saw another such tribute, but this time from someone a little unexpected.

During his show in Allentown Pennsylvania last night, Elton John took a moment between songs to acknowledge the late rapper. He said:

The song that Sir Elton dedicated to Mac was his classic “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,” a fitting one for a tribute to the recently deceased rapper.

Although Elton John may seem about as far as it gets from hip-hop, he’s had quite an influence on the genre, which you can hear in albums like 808s & Heartbreak, which Elton John calls “the sexiest record since What’s Going On” (Sir Elton also played the piano for “All Of The Lights”), and also the recently-leaked Young Thug cover of John’s “Rocket Man.”

Watch the video of Elton’s dedication below, along with a video of playing “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.”

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