Floyd Mayweather Trolls Oscar De La Hoya With Bathtub Pics Of The "Crackhead"

Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya have been going at one another exterior of the ring for weeks. A few days in the past, Oscar insulted Mayweather but once more with a tweet stating that the athlete was "unhealthy for boxing." In response, Mayweather dipped into his assortment of lewd photographs of his nemesis to counterattack. 

He uploaded one more image of De La Hoya carrying fishnets. This time, the younger man is pictured leaning in opposition to a tub with legs open. The caption compares him to a feminine intercourse employee.

Oscar has opened up about how he had entered a troublesome part in his life that concerned drug abuse. Floyd leveraged this info in opposition to him with a clip that displayed De LA Hoya in a distinct type of susceptible state whereas describing his expertise with drug dependancy throughout an interview. 

Mayweather uploaded the clip together with his two cents: "This alcoholic/crackhead is unhealthy for boxing."