French Montana Receives His U.S. Citizenship

Bea ArellanoBea Arellano

French Montana has never shied away from his relationship to his homeland Morocco, especially considering the ‘French’ in French Montana is a direct reference to the language and culture his home country. That being said, French originally immigrated to the Bronx when he was only 13 years old, so at this point he’s lived in America longer than he did Morocco. 

However, it seems that it was only yesterday that French Montana ficially became a citizen the United States America. According to TMZ, French was ficially sworn in on Wednesday night, where he recited the Naturalization Oath Allegiance to earn his citizenship. 

While the path to American citizenship is known for being long and arduous, especially in a political climate where immigrants are being demonized and deported, or detained, in record numbers. It must not have been nearly as bad for French, since he reportedly only applied in February last year, taking him only a year and change to earn his citizenship. His status as a rich and famous celebrity probably did help him somewhat in smoothing out the process. 

 Now that French is ficially on the record as a citizen, he’ll be able to vote in any upcoming government elections. Meaning that he’ll be able to take some action regarding a certain president that he’s openly not a fan . He’ll also never have to worry about the possibility him ever getting deported either.

Congrats to French Montana on his new American citizenship.

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