Hawks Send Carmelo A Jersey After Paying $25 Million To Show Him The Door

Tari OteroTari Otero

When Carmelo Anthony enters the Hall of Fame, it won’t be as an Atlanta Hawk. Team and player made it abundantly clear by shaking hands on a $25 million settlement package. The move facilitated the Hawks’ removal of Dennis Schroder’s unmovable contract. In return ownership ate millions of dollars, but in hindsight it could be a small price to pay to make several millions more. The only way the Hawks are going to become a winning franchise once again, is if they rid the house clean. They’ve done essentially that.

The Atlanta Hawks decided none-the-less to play a little jokes on themselves, by shipping Carmelo Anthony his very own #15 alternate jersey, one he will never have the honor of wearing in an actual NBA game. The organization revealed their intentions in a Twitter quip directed at Melo, wishing him the best of luck at the next juncture.

Melo is expected to sign a 1-year deal at the veteran’s minimum with the Houston Rockets. To be clear, any money he accepts from the Rockets is essentially a free worker’s bonus, after collecting his buyout package and performance bonuses from the OKC Thunder. If unleashed on the open market, his team-issued Melo Hawks jersey could fetch a pretty penny from a wise-ass collector of defective sports memorabilia.  

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