Kanye West's Upcoming David Letterman Interview Revealed In New Trailer

Lasandra RuffLasandra Ruff

Interestingly enough, Kanye West‘s appearance on My Guest Needs No Introduction follows former Watch The Throne collaborator Jay-Z’s interview in the first season. While it might be best chalked up to simple coincidence, we’ve never known Kanye to be one-upped by his “Big Brother.” In any case, Kanye will be blessing David Letterman with his presence during the upcoming second season, and a debut trailer reveals what we might be able to expect. Waiting backstage, Letterman hits Yeezy with a question centered around fashion: “if velcro had been invented first, would there be zippers?”

Kanye West's Upcoming David Letterman Interview Revealed In New Trailer

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Kanye seems to ponder, uncertain. “It’s really a deep question,” he says. The trailer proceeds to unveil a new roster of guests, including Ellen DeGeneres, Tiffany Haddish, Melinda Gates, and Lewis Hamilton. Of course, Yeezy’s installment will likely make for a highlight episode, as the legendary rapper looks to cover a wide variety of ground. “When you’re bipolar, you have a potential to ramp up,” says Kanye. “It can take you to a point where you’re acting erratic, as TMZ would put it.” The crowd laughs, and Kanye looks to die a little inside.

While it’s possible he originally mistook Letterman for Rick Rubin, it looks like David Letterman will actually be well matched to trade words with Yeezy; while the Joe Rogan podcast may be a pipe dream, perhaps My Guest Needs No Introduction will be the next best thing. Look for season two to premiere on May 31st, exclusively on Netflix.

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