KRS-One: Technology Is Attempting To Manipulate Hip Hop

(AllHipHop News) Rap legend KRS-One returned with his most recent digital album Now Hear This in November. At 50 years old, KRS is now an elder statesman of Hip Hop, and the Teacha has experienced the culture undergo many changes over the last three decades.

The Village Voice interviewed KRS about his new LP which covers topics such as mass incarceration, racism, immigration, and other concerns of what he calls “Hip Hop’s real citizenry.” The South Bronx native also discussed how technological advances have affected those citizens of the culture he represents.

“Original Hip Hop manipulated technologies of all sorts; it was not manipulated by the technology itself,” said KRS. “Today, however, it is technology that is attempting to manipulate Hip Hop. Today’s young hip-hoppas being so dependent upon their computers and not their own minds have missed the whole point as to why one would practice Hip Hop in the first place. Hip Hop is a human skill, and the practice of real Hip Hop should remind us of our humanity.”

KRS-One plans to re-release Now Hear This in 2016. The CD version will include new songs, remixes, and videos. The current LP features production by KRS, Mad Lion, DJ Predator Prime, DJ Static, Hellmaf, The Beat Miners, Nick One, MK Zoo, Linsey Vona, and Narayan.

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Stream KRS-One’s Now Hear This below.