Lil Pump Gets Free Gucci Kebabs After Spending A Fortune In The Boutique

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Lil Pump received an unusual gift with purchase during a trip to a Gucci store. The “Gucci Gang” rapper received some hospitality of the culinary variety after spending $120K in the high-end boutique.

Pump shared part of the moment to his Instagram. The posted video shows a buffet of sorts laid out for the artist and his entourage. We can hear one of Gucci’s employees encourage them to partake in the spread while the food is still hot. Lil Pump takes a bite into a sort of kebab looking really satisfied with his shopping reward. His Instagram post’s caption was hyped up in all caps: 

The improvised buffet could be considered a gift with purchase, albeit a flimsy one considering the amount he spent in-store. The rapper is a legit walking billboard for the brand and could have gotten a cooler reward, considering his massive following. They could’ve at least served the food in something cuter than plastic containers. Then again, they probably wanted to keep the bougie balanced out. 

If all goes according to plan, Lil Pump’s next mixtape Harvard Dropout within this month of July. More antics are likely to follow.

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