Machine Gun Kelly Has Love For Nintendo, Guitars, & Fine Smells

Though some have taken up proverbial arms towards Machine Gun Kelly, the younger rapper slash actor seems to be reveling in an upward trajectory. Now, within the wake of starring within the Netflix thriller Bird Box, Gunner sat down with GQ to disclose ten gadgets he merely can't reside with out.

Machine Gun Kelly units it off with the relatable choose, espresso, albeit of the cold-brew selection. "My eyes in all probability do not open with out them," he admits, earlier than detailing the advantages of a chilly cup o' Joe. "I am actually enormous on what sort of beans they use, and what sort of caffeine excessive I will get." He additionally teases his upcoming endeavor, a espresso lounge launching in 2019. Clearly, the person is critical about his craft. Number two is his purple Gucci bag, which he makes use of to retailer his third important, a handmade blanket. 

"I am massive into smells," he admits, busting out important quantity 4 - incense. "Sometimes it is to masks the scent of no matter I am smoking in my lodge room," he says. "Whenever I am in my trailer doing a film, I've that lit." He factors to his shiny machine, apparently a present from Sandra Bullock. He additionally reveals that he is massive into books, pulling out a couple of of his important reads, together with "Just Kids" by Patti Smith. His habits additionally embrace a "comedian" habit, which initially discovered him spending 5 to 6 hundred on comics and graphic novels each time he went to get breakfast. 

He's additionally bought his notebooks, which embrace a couple of nifty customizations. Next is a straight razor, as he likes to "work for his shave." Never will he threat the dreaded "bizarre beard." His scent fixation returns with one other must-have, a bottle of The Noir. "I am enormous on cologne," he says, earlier than explaining his pal's customized "cocaine and cigarettes" cologne.

Next up is a Nintendo Switch, full with Super Smash Bros, although he additionally likes Zelda and Mario Tennis. He additionally exhibits like to the passport holder. "This is my sixth passport," he admits. "I cannot be issued one other one if I lose it." Last however not least, is an acoustic guitar, proof that rappers can certainly dabble in reside instrumentation. Peep the video now, and hold forth. Is MGK a person of style and distinction?