"Surviving R. Kelly" Episode three & four: Murder Schemes & Child Pornography

The second installment (episode three & four) of Lifetime's Surviving R. Kellydefinitely broke the entire thing vast open. The premiere episode(s) centered totally on R. Kelly's illicit relationship with an underage Aaliyah, from which we heard the testimony of a number of key gamers who have since damaged away from the singer, each enterprise and private.

Underage Solicitations in "All The Wrong Places"

At the outset of episode three, we do not discover ourselves any nearer to debunking fantasy from reality, however we did study a number of new anecdotes, starting with the account of his dysfunctional relationship with a 16-year previous superfan. So the story goes: R. Kelly allegedly meets a 16-year previous Jerhonda Pace at his baby pornography trial. She had come out in assist. Somehow they meet throughout or after the proceedings, with R. Kelly allegedly making an attempt to win her over (to his intercourse ring) with empathy. 

Psychological and Physical Torment

“He talked about being molested as properly, and he informed me he was molested by an older man in his neighborhood," Pace says in her taped phase for Surviving R. Kelly. After disarming her with childhood story, Pace says Kelly then vowed to say her virginity, and prepare her "sexually" - their relationship spilling out of the courtroom and into their non-public lives. At one other level within the episode, Pace talks about R. Kelly penchant for sadism. Apparently, Kelly would starve his victims for days, so as to preserve them in verify.

Accusations of "Murder for Hire"

Another one in every of R. Kelly's victims, Lisa Van Allen, recounted her shady dealings along with his associates, whom she feared have been making an attempt to get her killed after she obtained one in every of his many alleged baby intercourse tapes. "I simply didn’t know that there was a time limit the place they have been speaking about killing me," she stated. Van Allen made related claims in 2009 in an interview with Essence Magazine.